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Sat, Nov. 6th, 2004, 01:16 pm
ladymacdougal: The MacDougal Birthday Party (1)

Invitations had been diligently sent out a month in advance. As the MacDougals did not have the space for a ballroom of their own, they reserved a banquet hall a reasonable distance from their manor in the Highlands. Seating was decided in advanced, and the place settings arranged in such a way that the lacey table handkerchiefs would flit into the air and find their assigned Guest upon his or her entry. The handkerchiefs would lead each person to a seat. Meticulous care was taken in seeing that families were seated together, and that known rivals were separated as much as possible. The theme of the party was, of course, Unity, and all Wizarding family names were invited, save a very few. As such, the food served was modest. Care had been taken with the dessert, but the soup, salad and main course were all somewhat bland, making one less than regretful for the fact that they were served in meager proportions.

The chandeliers had been charmed in advance to play soft dinner music, akin to the stylings of Celestina Warwick, while they ate. After the meal, the lights dimmed considerably and a more playful, enticing music beckoned the guests from the banquet hall into the adjacent ballroom. The room was adorned with fairies, and the walls had been given a glamour to appear as though they were in a forest. One could easily step through the ethereal trees to place a hand on the wall behind, however. The illusion was something between a painting and reality, which gave the impression of a dream. The ceiling was done in much the same; rather than being charmed invisible to reveal the night sky as it was, it was given a glamour to display the night sky as it should be on this day – a sort of living painting of indigo swirls, twinkling stars and fairy lights. The band hired was a cover band; Morag’s uncle was the band’s percussionist.

Guests were left to their own devices in the ballroom. They were free to mingle and dance as they wished . . .

Mon, Nov. 29th, 2004 07:35 am (UTC)

Lucius had entered with his wife on his arm, dressed in impeccable, traditional robes in deep indigo. Draco had followed behind them, and Lucius had resisted the urge to look back at his son and scowl. He knew the boy knew the importance of this event, however, and in that area, at least, he had not been remiss in his duties. The seeds that could be planted here might bear rich fruit.

Lucius called forth his best manners and most charming face and greeted and thanked his host, leaving Lady MacDougal to Narcissa. As much as they might bicker in private, the Malfoys were a well oiled social machine in public.

Mon, Nov. 29th, 2004 07:45 am (UTC)

Draco greeted and thanked the MacDougals for the invitation to the party along with his parents, but moved on as soon as it was polite. After all, he wouldn't be trying to get Morag's mother to consider him a suitor. He ghosted through the rooms, quiet, for once, observing who was here, and who wasn't ... and most especially, what his prospects were. It was at the dancing he had the most chance to impress. He could dance beautifully when he made the effort. Like many children of his class, he'd had lessons as a child. Though it did rather emphasize his lack of stature ...

Draco made a mental note to favor girls who were smaller than himself.

Tue, Nov. 30th, 2004 10:17 am (UTC)

Morag stood close by her mother, glancing at the door as they exchanged greetings with Narcissa. Her fiance had been in the middle of a conversation when the three MacDougals had had to get up and play host, and she'd told him, indulgently, to go on and finish. She was a little embarrassed about it now; she was almost certain that they ought to have entered together...

Even so, her face was warm and animated under the makeup. Morag loved parties, partly for the clothes-- what girl didn't want the deep blue dress robes with the silver beading, the high heels (lowish, for dancing), the hair curled and set in flowers (seven galleons at Monsieur Delacroix's in Diagon)? --And she was all for the others having their turn, but (dammit) it wasn't as if she got to be the center of attention like every day. Not this chance, every day.

Morag glanced at the door, and the ceiling over it, and smiled.

Wed, Dec. 1st, 2004 09:54 am (UTC)

Draco smiled as he approached her, and gave her a courtly and somewhat old fashioned little bow. "Life outside of school has obviously treated you well, you look lovely. Happy birthday, Morag."

Fri, Dec. 10th, 2004 04:28 am (UTC)

Morag smiled back; Draco had gotten through two entire sentences without saying anything unpleasant. Perhaps there was hope for him after all. "Thank you, very much. How have you been?"

Fri, Dec. 17th, 2004 04:53 am (UTC)

"Quite well, thank you. Finding my place in the working world and all that." He offers the tidbit as if it were a new hobby he'd picked up, a way to pass the time. "Literature can be such an interesting way to spend a day on, mm?" The same old lazily arrogant drawl was there.

Sat, Dec. 4th, 2004 06:56 am (UTC)

Hermione joined the group in the ballroom on Neville's arm. She had bought very classic pale silver satin robes that were form-fitting without being tight, accenting them with the sapphire and ruby bracelet she had gotten from Draco and a necklace with a well-made faux sapphire pendant. Her hair was in a neat bun with just a few of her curls trailing down the back of her neck. She had tried her best to be beautiful tonight, and thus far, had not failed. It wasn't that she needed to impress the purebloods, just that she wanted certain purebloods to realize she could be just as charming, attractive, and entertaining as they could. Of course, she'd been trying to prove that she wasn't inferior for years, and this was infinitely easier than a test...

Fri, Dec. 17th, 2004 04:57 am (UTC)

Draco noted Hermione's entrance out of the corner of his eye, and glanced over briefly. A strange expression crossed his face, almost wistful, before hardening into a faint sneer. She was with Longbottom, of course ... she'd never have been invited to this thing on her own, so she'd conned the incompetent into bringing her. Always trying to pretend above her station. It was disgusting. And Longbottom himself obviously had a taste for miscegenation ...

Fri, Dec. 17th, 2004 09:34 am (UTC)

Was, for his part, looking a bit better about the face than he had in days past. He was still very obviously in mourning, for he had dressed in all black to the occasion -- not a spot of colour was anywhere to be seen. It could be said for him that he was at least wearing new black, so there were no faded patches of grey-green, grey-blue, or the ever lovely grey-brown to be seen either. He had probably stammered something of the complimentary sort to Hermione when he met her, but currently was focused more on watching where he was going than his date; he had already accidentally stepped on Mrs. MacDougal's dress robes.

Sat, Dec. 18th, 2004 01:34 am (UTC)

It wasn't that she didn't want to spend her night with Neville. Hermione really enjoyed his company, but it would be much better if he wasn't so enthralled by his course across the floor. Between mourning and self-consciousness, she was fairly sure that he would be distracted all evening. She was distracted too, though, and assumed they would end up being separated in the course of mingling. Currently, her most pressing desire was to look for people she had lost touch with in the crowd while simultaneously avoiding looking at Draco. If she could think of something other than him, her goal would be much more attainable.

Sat, Dec. 18th, 2004 07:13 am (UTC)

Noticing Hermione, Peter raised a hand from his place across the room. He was rather resolutely not dancing or mingling, though he was in the company of a sister.

Sat, Dec. 18th, 2004 07:16 am (UTC)

Hermione excused herself briefly from Neville and crossed the room to Peter. Smiling pleasantly, she stood next to him and spoke just loud enough for him to hear, "Not feeling particularly social tonight, Peter?"

Thu, Jan. 6th, 2005 01:10 am (UTC)

Really, it seemed there were more and more people here he shouldn't look at. Draco started getting the uncomfortable feeling that this wouldn't be the simple mix-and-mingle-and-find-a-suitable-candidate-for-Malfoyhood that he thought it might be. How could he be expected to concentrate with those people here? Not only the uppity little mudblood, but the blatant homosexual as well!

He looked over at Peter, feigning a more general scan of the room. Doubtless the man had brought some other fallen wizard who shared his perversions. Draco had no doubt Peter had quickly scooped up another when Draco himself had come to his senses. ... but no, he seemed to only be here with his sister. A sister Draco supposed he should approach, if only to rule out that possibility ... but not just now.

"Please excuse me, Morag," he murmured to the host's daughter. "I find myself with something of a headache. It's been lovely speaking with you." He took her hand gently and pressed a courtly kiss to the back of it, ever mindful of his manners, before he headed off to find a bathroom to recoup in.

Thu, Jan. 6th, 2005 10:17 am (UTC)

Taking Draco's exit as a cue, Daphne strategically positioned herself near Morag. "Good evening, Morag. You look lovely . . . however, I am curious as to where your lesser half is?"

Sun, Jan. 9th, 2005 08:51 pm (UTC)

Her mind still on Draco's exit, Morag turned to Daphne looking pleased but bemused. "I'm not sure, honestly, Daphne. He said he'd only be a bit. I told him he could finish his conversation, and I suppose he took that to mean he should wander around the house for half an hour and straighten the pictures. Anyway, how are you, Daphne? You look beautiful, yourself!"

Thu, Jan. 6th, 2005 10:15 am (UTC)

Giving Hermione one of his vague half-smiles, Peter inclined his head a bit to the right. "No, but that is often merely a matter of course. I am the eternal chaperone." He continues, lowering his voice in coconspiring sort of way. "Not the belle of the ball, as it were."

Thu, Jan. 6th, 2005 04:26 pm (UTC)

Hermione laughed softly, "We can't all be belles. I'm fairly sure I have people wondering how I even got onto the guestlist..." She trailed off for a moment as she saw Draco courteously fleeing. If only she could find a reason to be somewhat close to him, though she wasn't sure if it would be to make him uncomfortable or to give herself some peace of mind.
Not that she was watching him, just observing closely with her peripheral vision. A small grin spread across her face as she came back to herself, "Dor- The young Malfoy didn't like seeing us, it seems." She blushed, realizing she'd just admitted that she was keeping tabs on Draco's movements. Hopefully, Peter wouldn't think less of her for it.

Mon, Jan. 24th, 2005 10:32 am (UTC)

Terry was also keeping tabs on Draco's movements, and immediately starts following once Malfoy breaks away from Morag. He wasn't a bad guy, though, and would let the little blond weasel use the loo before confronting him.